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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Good turn-up at first TARD Meeting in 2006

The first meeting for TARD members at USP, FIT and FSM in 2006 was held over the weekend on saturday afternoon. Regardless of the fact that some To'abaita students were out on school field trips whilst others were not aware of the meeting, the turn up was impressive. This shows that our students are serious about what we are planning to achieve and the only thing that we need from our elite leaders and the beautiful people of To'abaita is your support and encouragements.

The meeting was held to welcome our new To'abaita members as well as discussing some of planned activities for this year. We are hoping to be involved in some rural activities this coming christmas thus we need to raise funds in order to achieve our goals.

The main agendas that were agreed up are as follows:
1. We will be seeking student contribution of FJ$20 in semester 2 2006
towards the christmas activities of the group.
2. Encouraged students to fully utilise our website, email, and private box number
Our private postal address is P.O Box U40, Suva, FIJI.
3. The group will be openning a cheque account with ANZ
Bank this week to enable us to raise money for planned
programs this christmas.
4. We are planning to organise a To'abaita fundraising in semester 2
2006 in Fiji and another one might be held in Honiara at the
end of the year.
5. We will be forwarding appeal letters seeking finacial assistance from our
business and corporate houses in S/Is and to our MP
and other working To'abaita people in Honiara and overseas.
6. Students who face personal or academic problems to discuss it with us so that we will arrange for them to get assistance from the appropriate authorities.

Pictures provided by: Rodney Suibaea


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