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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Founding members of TARD

The TARD concept was launched in August 2005 by about 14 To'abaita scholars at the University of the South Pacific in Suva. Two prominent leaders from To'abaita who were on a business visit to Suva also witnessed the launching of this Think Tank Taskforce. It is expected that several new To'abaita students at USP will join the group this year in 2006.

The founding members of TARD are:
1. Simeon Ri'iagalo (Bachelor of Environmental Science-Earth Science and GIS)
2. Hubert Baselo (Bachelor of Education-Economics)
3. Alwyn Danitofea (Bachelor of Science-Information Systems and Management)
4. Peter Fairamoa (Bachelor of Science-Information Systems and Geography)
5. Edward Danitofea (Bachelor of Environmental Science-Chemistry)
6. Darlyn Ramo (Completed a Bachelor of Education-History Politics)
7. Ruby Kahui-Fairamoa (Bachelor of Arts/Graduate Certficate in Education)
8. Hilda Maeda (Completed Bachelor of Arts-Management and Economics)
9. Anne Kwaimani (Bachelor of Arts-Management and Geography)
10. William Abuinao Fikutoa (Bachelor of Arts-Marine Affairs and Tourism)
11. Wilfred Atomea (Bachelor of Arts-Marine Affairs and Management)
12. Rodney Suibaea (Bachelor of Environmental Science-Earth Science)
13. Exsley Taloiburi (Master of Science in Marine Science)
14. Eddie Konairamo (Bachelor of Education-Economics and Geography)

Two To'abaita Witnesses:
1. Mr Leliana Daowana Firisua
2. Mr Michael Maena


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