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Friday, March 24, 2006

Brief History of Settlements in To'abaita

In Malaita legend, the first settlement on the island began around 3,000 B.C at a place called Siale. The settlement was founded by Hammer Rosa who had two sons, Beltigao and Beltirosa. From there, the population spread to other parts of Malaita.

It is believed that the people who first settled in the To'abaita region came from Morodo in Baegu. The story has it that 3 men from Baegu came with their wives; one settled at Furi'i, the second settled at Afuikafo both in ward 9 and the third settled at Nofe in ward 8. Each had 8 sons.

The descendants of the man that settled at Furi'i spread from Kwai River to Silolo. Those of the one that settled at Afuikafo spread from Kwai River to Adaua in Lau/Mbaelelea region. The eight tribes of the man that settled at Nofe spread through-out wards 8 and 7.

In the olden days, Nofe was believed to be the central place for all the people in To'abaita. When pagans as far as Fo'ondo or Furi'i wanted to offer sacrifices to their spirits or ancestors they had to come to Nofe to burn the sacrifices there and not in any other place.

Source: PF Net


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