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Friday, July 06, 2007

Malaitan leader says environmental impact studies should be carried out before proceeding on with the Auluta Palm Oil Project

Environment and social impact studies should be carried out on the Auluta Palm Oil Project before the project can start.

A former senior public servant, Leonard Maenuu, says those studies are important to ensure any adverse effects that may result from such a major development would be addressed.

Mr Maenuu says as someone who is well-versed with land issues, he thinks there is a lot more work to registered land to qualify it become security for the development.

He says the social impact of the development has not been done and it looks as though some people who are benefiting from the project are forcing it to start.

"When there is big development many people will flock to those areas. The local building and other useful materials will be destroyed. If people do not get enough nails and roofing iron and timber which they need for their survival, and more importantly, if oil palm occupies their areas, there will be no land for gardening."

Source: SIBC

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