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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Solomon Islands new police chief sworn in today as he vows to serve the SIPF with professionalism

The Solomon Islands Police Force (SIPF) has a new Commissioner, Mr Jahir Khan from Fiji.

Mr Khan was sworn into office by the Governor General, Sir Nathaniel Waena at the State House this morning.

Mr Khan has served in the Fijian Police force for 38 years. He held the rank of Assistant Police Commissioner prior to his appointment in Solomon Islands.

The Indo-Fijian has traveled extensively during his service with the Fijian Police Force.

Mr Khan comes from Sigatoka and is married with three children. He is expected to take up his new appointment with the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force next month.

Meanwhile, Jahir Khan has described the task ahead of him as challenging but vowed to address it with professionalism.

Speaking after being sworn into office by the Governor General, His Excellency Sir Nathaniel Waena at the State House this morning, Mr Khan said he was proud of being given the opportunity to serve another group of community away from the Fijian lifestyle and looked forward to the challenges.

“My wish is to serve the people. That has always been my wish as a police officer and now I am given the opportunity to serve another group of community away from Fiji’s style of living and traditions and cultures so this is a very challenging job and I look forward to that.”

Mr Khan said his priority task during his two-year term in office was to address the problems that resulted in the lack of discipline and low morale problems prevalent in the SIPF.

The Indo-Fijian said he understood that the morale of officers was ‘very’ low due to low salary and poor service and living conditions and having taken on the command of the force, his job was to address the problems in order to motivate the officers to perform to expectation.

“Once you lift the morale of the officers you can always bank on their output and extra commitment in the maintenance of law and order.”

Mr Khan described policing as ‘a very proud job’ and added that the police uniform itself had a lot of authority that demanded the respect of the people.

He said police officers must exercise the law enforcement authority vested in them responsibly and respect human rights as enshrined in the constitution.

Source: Government Communications Unit

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