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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Solomons Tsunami news devastates western students at USP in Fiji

Solomon Islands students at the University of South Pacific were yesterday devastated at the tragic news of the tsunami that that struck parts of their country.

Jim Hyacinth, 23, of Gizo, which was one of the villages crushed under the giant waves, said he and many of his countrymen were trying to reach home but telephone lines appeared to have been destroyed along with most of the infrastructure.

He hoped none of his relatives were among the victims of the tidal wave.

Yesterday, a wave several metres high crashed ashore at Gizo, a regional centre in the country's west just 40 kilometres from the epicentre, inundating buildings and causing widespread destruction.

"It is a really sad day not only for me but also for all Solomon Islands students studying at the university", said an emotional Mr Hyacinth.

"At the moment I am trying my best to get in touch with those at home but this has not been possible.

"It really breaks my heart to learn about the news especially when I'm from the area", Mr Hyacinth said.

He said he had been trying to contact his family but his calls had not been able to go through.

"I started calling as soon as I heard about the news in the morning but all my calls only reached Honiara.

"I am going to keep trying until I get through,"he said. Mr Hyacinth said he could not confirm if his family members are in the province or in Honiara.

"At the moment all other things seem useless to me until I can speak to my family then I would be fine,"he said.

Source: Fiji Times

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