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Thursday, March 01, 2007

RAMSI team take time to meet high school students in Honiara

by Jeremy Miller

Over 150 students at Honiara High School yesterday met with RAMSI personnel to ask questions, and find out more about RAMSI’s role and the work they are doing in Solomon Islands.

Honiara High School Principal, John Ross, expressed gratitude to the RAMSI team for taking the time and showing respect to students to give them direct information.

“It is vital for year six and seven students to know what RAMSI is doing to rebuild the country after it broke down during the tensions”, John Ross said.

The RAMSI team included representatives from Australia, New Zealand and Samoa who are working as civilian advisors, with the Participating Police Force and the military.

Jane Kriegel, representing RAMSI Special Coordinator, said she enjoyed the opportunity to talk with the next generation of young Solomon Islanders.

“All the questions students asked us were very good and show that the young people of the Solomon Islands are very bright and care about the future of their country”, she said.

“These visits inspire us to work even harder with Solomon Islanders to help build up the country”.

Chris Tarohimae, the Coordinator of the RAMSI Community Outreach Program said they aim to talk with schools, community groups and villages in and around Honiara, and also in the Provinces.

“It is important that we go out and listen to people, young and old, to find out the issues that matter to them. The visits are also a chance talk to about the three different areas of RAMSI: civilian advisors working with the Solomon Islands Government, police working with the Solomon Islands Police Force, and people from the military”, he said.

“The strong message we are receiving is that people enjoy this opportunity to have a voice in the RAMSI partnership with the people and government of Solomon Islands”, he said.

Source: RAMSI

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