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Friday, March 02, 2007

Newly built Malu'u Market opens a new beginning for North Malaita

by Jeremy Miller

A crowd of more than 300 people gathered on Wednesday to celebrate the opening of the Malu’u Market in Malaita.

The market, which was funded by RAMSI, not only gives protection from the sun and rain, but marks a new chapter in the rebuilding of Malu’u since the end of the tensions.

Edwin Miniti Suibaea, Malaita Deputy Premier, stressed the community participation in the project and the importance of good management of the building.

“People can be proud of this project. Bottom-up approach is all about communities working well together and planning for the future”, he said.

The market project was planned and built with strong support from the people of Malu’u who provided the timber, gravel and sand, and the Market Committee organised community labour to help in the building.

The Hon Daniel Kwanairara, National Member for North Malaita, said the market was one of the most important things to happen in his sixty year life.

“This new market is very important for Malu’u. We need to take full responsibility for it – it is important we all look after it – it’s for everyone’s benefit”, he said.

“Malu’u/North Malaita has to get over the past and now look to the future – this is an important part of our future and shows what we can do and achieve together when we want to”, Mr Kwanairara said.

Blair Exell, RAMSI Development Coordinator, said he was honoured and very happy to be celebrating this important addition to the local community as he himself came from a rural community in Australia.

“A market is the heart of a community. It’s a place for people to buy and sell goods, and a place for people to meet”, Mr Exell said.

“Economic growth happens when people can improve their lives”, he said.

“RAMSI is happy to be working together with you, the Solomon Islands Government and other donors to help economic development through improvements in agriculture and roads.

“This is the way for communities to come up strong, and this is our aim for all Solomon Islanders”, he said.

Mr Exell said markets needed to be well connected to people and to other markets, and RAMSI was pleased to have been able to assist Malaita with the rehabilitation of three major roads through the Community Sector Program (CSP): the East Road from Dala to Atori; and the Fulisango and Busurata Roads near Auki. In addition, major repair and restoration is being undertaken on the South Road and North Road to Malu’u.

“These have cut travel time by many hours and make it easier for people to access markets, schools, health clinics and other government services”, he said.

“I encourage you all to take pride in what you have done, and take care to look after it well – it’s yours for you and your children for many years to come”, he said.

Youth representative, Robert Kiriau, said the market was very important for young people because it offered opportunities.

“This is a very important community asset to help us build self-reliance, self-support, employment and reduce poverty. It’s ours, let’s be careful to look after it.”

Rev Bishop Suruma, President of the South Seas Evangelical Church, said that the future was now up to people of North Malaita.

“You have been given the foundation, the future in now your hands”, he said

Source: RAMSI

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