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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Government expresses concern about demand from certain North Malaita tribal chiefs

The Solomon Islands government is concerned over a letter received from two North Malaita Chiefs demanding the payment of SBD$100 thousand compensation within two weeks.

The demand is for recent death threats and insults made against the MP for North Malaita, Daniel Enele Kwanairara.

Mr Kwanairara is among the four Malaitan MPs and their families who were threatened and insulted.

In a statement the government says demanding compensation from the government before the facts have been properly established is unethical and does not reflect any custom or tradition.

The letter has now been referred to police for further investigation of possible extortion.

Meanwhile, the government says it is appalled by the threats and insults made against the four MPs. It deplores such behaviour as criminal, provocative and seditious and a hindrance to the development of democratic processes.

The government says such action is unacceptable and does not demonstrate any support for the government. It says the action rather opposes its policy objectives for achieving peace and social stability through open dialogue, reconciliation and a mutual understanding of one another’s differences.

The Prime Minister has directed the police executive to investigate both matters before any further action can be considered.

The statement from government says insults and threats are criminal offences for which both the police and courts are responsible to ensure that appropriate and necessary action is taken.

Source: SIBC

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