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Monday, February 05, 2007

Statement on the Guadalcanal bonafide demands part of Parliament session today

The Solomon Islands national 2007 budget meeting will continue today with statements on several important issues including the long awaited Gudalacanal bonafide demands, diplomatic relations between Australia and Solomon Islands, and the Development Bank of Solomon Islands.

On Friday last week, Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare said the government business for today's session will include a statement from the Minister for Peace and Reconciliation Sam Iduri on the bona fide demands of the people of Guadalcanal. Other statements scheduled for today include a statement from the minister for Finance and Treasury Gordon Darcy Lilo on the Development Bank of Solomon Islands and a statement from the minister for Foreign Affairs, Trade and Immigration Patteson Oti on diplomatic relations between Australia and Solomon Islands.

It is also understood the 2007 budget will be tabled in Parliament tomorrow by the Minister for Finance and Treasury Gordon Darcy Lilo. Debate on the budget will follow on Wednesday until it is passed in the committee of Supply.

The budget is the first one drawn up by the grand coalition government to reflect its bottom up approach since coming to power early last year. The government has been operating under a contingency warrant passed in the December Parliament meeting.

Meanwhile, this week's parliament sessions will be live broadcasted again by the SIBC national radio after a stern directive from the Deputy Chairman of SIBC Board of Directors and Deputy Secretary to the Prime Minister, Rence Sore.

The national broadcaster did not carry a live relay of Parliament when it opened its meeting on Thursday last week because of government's withdrawal of its annual subsidy. To make up for the loss in revenue, SIBC has increased its airtime rates which the office of the national Parliament had not agreed to.

SIBC however carried live relays of Parliament proceedings on Friday following assurance from the national Parliament office that they will be paying at the new rate. But in his letter to SIBC General Manager, Mr Sore has directed that live-broadcasts of Parliament proceedings must go ahead at the old rate while new rate charges can be negotiated later.

Source: SIBC

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