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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

North Malaita MP comments on rural development

North Malaita Member of Parliament, Hon Daniel Enele Kwanairara along with MP for Aoke/Langa langa constituency and former finance Minister, Hon Bartholomew Ulufa'alu have so far suggested options to achieve rural development.

Hon Kwanairara and Ulufa'alu have suggested that rural development should be constituency-oriented. They also added that funds to develop constituencies should be through members of Parliament or constituency offices.

Mr Ulufa'alu and Kwanairara say development in the constituencies should be drawn up by respective Parliamentary members based on the aspiration of the people in the constituencies.

They further proposed that funds for development projects should be based on the population in any constituency.

The two MPs say the current arrangement is unfair because while some constituencies have population of more than ten thousand, others have less than three thousand people but yet they get an equal amount of funding.

Source: SIBC

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