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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Youth leader calls on government to fulfil its youth promises

A youth leader on the Guadalcanal Plains, Eddie Ago'okah is appealing to government ministries, councils and funding agencies established to foster youth development to re-asses their contribution and assistance towards youth development in 2007.

He says while youths appreciate the Governor General's New Year speech to empower and encourage youths to take part in socio-economic activities, nothing much will be achieved if government and funding agencies are not properly targeting youth hardships.

Mr Ago'okah says there have been well framed speeches and policies in the past but the reality remains.

He says many youth groups were properly established and registered but when it comes to getting assistance and advises from government agencies, there have always been stumbling blocks.

Mr Ago'okah says funding requirements should be made simpler to enable youth groups tap these resources.

He says funding made available to members of Parliament have been used to fund ghost projects submitted by cronies and supporters leaving youths with nothing.

Mr Ago'okah says, some government departments, councils and funding agencies are not always helpful in assisting youths with project appraisals and advises, making it hard for rural-based youth groups to become participants in developmental activities.

Source: SIBC

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