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Monday, January 08, 2007

Transparency Solomon Islands want banned Police Commissioner back

Transparency Solomon Islands, TSI, Board calls on the Government to allow the banned Police Commissioner, Shane Castles, to return and complete his contract.

TSI says the declaration of the Police Commissioner as an undesirable immigrant sets a dangerous precedent.

A statement issued by the board of TSI says the declaration by the Foreign Minister is an inappropriate use of the Minister’s power.

The Chairman of TSI, Bob Pollard says to use the Immigration Act to prevent the Commissioner returning is an abuse of power. He says TSI is concerned about this action and where this will lead us.

Mr Pollard says the separation of powers between the police and government is a very important part of the democratic form of Government. He says the role of Government is to make laws and policies, the Police's role is to uphold the law.

Mr Pollard says for the Minister to use his powers over immigration to obstruct the Police Commissioner from returning and continuing his role is improper. He say the Solomon Islands Constitution provides a way for the Government to raise concerns where it believes the Police Commissioner is not performing his role.

Mr Pollard says if the Government has genuine concerns about Mr Castles' conduct it should use these processes and procedures.

He says in not doing so the government opens itself to the accusation that it is manipulating the laws for political and self interested purposes.

Source: SIBC

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