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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

TARD convenes another Academic Training Session for Solomon students

The youth initiated volunteer concept known as the To'abaita Authority for Research and Development (TARD), has successfully convened another academic training session for interested pre-service Solomon students on Sunday.

The training on sunday was targeted towards pre-service students who have little or no work experience who are expected to graduate soon within the next few years. Topics covered during that session include:
- How to write a cover letter that can get you interviewed;
- How to write an impressive resume/CV and find out their difference;
- How to prepare for, handle, and follow up after a job interview.

Last month TARD held a training session on writing skills for about 18 students. However due to a continuous need for mentoring in such areas, there will be another repeat session of that first training next sunday (15/10/06) at the USPSA Conference room from 2-4pm. Topics to be covered in that session include:
- Mastering Essay Writing and find out the secrets behind a prize winning essay from a normal essay;
- How to write a good research paper/report.

Finally, the executives of TARD are grateful towards the students who have attended the last session on sunday (08/10/06). The student participants are:
1. Steven Filiomea (To'abaita)
2. Wilfred Atomea (To'abaita)
3. Alfred Maebiru (To'abaita)
4. Robert Iromalefo (To'abaita)
5. Eddie Konairamo (To'abaita)
6. Catherine Liolea (To'abaita & Renbel)
7. Lillian Kaforau (Kwara'ae)
8. David Dalaume (Temotu)
9. Alice Iwebu (Temotu)
10. Lyn Vaike (Temotu)
11. Simon Mau (Baelelea)
12. William Fikutoa (To'abaita)

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