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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

North Malaita community leader call on Malaita MPs to resolve squatter problem in Honiara

A Malaita community leader, Moffat Konairamo is calling on all Malaita National leaders to take a leading role in resolving the growing problem of Malaitan squatters in Honiara.

Mr Konairamo says it is common knowledge that the recent increase in criminal activities in the capital is related to illegal squatter settlements.

He says a meeting of 20 Malaita elders held in Honiara at the weekend recommended that all Malaita Parliamentarians including the three Honiara M-Ps help resolve the problem.

"We call upon our leaders, especially all Malaita Parliamentarians to come out and discuss the matter. Our group believes that the people will listen to the leaders, rather than talking out in the media."

Mr Konairamo says since most of the criminal activities are being caused by Malaita people, it's proper that Malaita leaders find a solution.

He says says the majority of Malaitans are law abiding citizens who oppose the criminal activities of the few who are giving Malaita a bad image.

Source: SIBC

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