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Friday, October 13, 2006

Joses Sanga says Moti appointment procedural whilst Vanuatu magistrate hit out at the Australian

Public Service Minister Joses Sanga says the appointment of Julian Moti as Attorney General is in line with Solomon Islands laws.

Mr Sanga says the appointment is correct under sub-section 2 of section 42 of the constitution which says the Attorney General shall be appointed shall be appointed by the Legal services Commission, acting in accordance with the advice of the Prime Minister.

The Public Service Minister says as such he sees no reason why people oppose the appointment. Mr Sanga says MPs who made statements against the appointment did not do their homework and are only confusing the public.

He also says the appointment of Permanent Secretaries was done according to procedures. Mr Sanga was speaking in the sine die motion late yesterday afternoon.

Meanwhile, the Vanuatu magistrate who cleared the now-suspended Solomon Islands attorney-general Julian Moti of child rape charges in 1999 yesterday lashed out at the Australian claims he was bribed to throw out the case.

Former Vanuatu senior magistrate Bruce Kalotrip told The Australian he was outraged at the corruption allegations, saying he dismissed the charges against Mr Moti because of insufficient evidence.

Mr Kalotrip, who retired from the magistracy soon after the Moti case, said he was surprised the Australian Government was seeking the extradition of Mr Moti, an Australian lawyer who is now in custody in Solomon Islands.

He said the matter has been dealt with, disposed of and it is closed.

At an extradition hearing earlier this month in Port Moresby, magistrate Allan Kopi said there were allegations that the Vanuatu magistrate who had dismissed the case had been “sponsored” by the defendant. It is believed the allegation related to claims Mr Moti paid for Mr Kalotrip, who has since returned to private practice, to travel to a conference in Australia soon after dismissing the charges.

Source: SIBC

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