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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

SIBC General Manager cancels live broadcast for Ramon Quitales on the proposed Women's Bank

The SIBC General Manager Dykes Angiki has explained why he cancelled a live broadcast by the promoter of the proposed women's bank.

Mr Angiki issued a directive to staff to take Ramon Quitales off air 20 minutes into his one hour live broadcast on Sunday (10/09/06).

Mr Angiki says his decision was nothing to do with Mr Quitales as an individual, nor his Socred political party or the organisation he represents.

He says the decision was in the interests of the SIBC as a public broadcaster, and observing its editorial guidelines and policies.

Mr Angiki says the SIBC allows churches, political parties and organisations to use its air waves on the understanding that no one broadcast comments to hurt groups or individuals.

He says it would be an understatement to say that yesterday's address by Mr Quitales was getting personal.

Mr Angiki says he has the responsibility to ensure that whatever the SIBC puts on air observes certain courtesies, is decent and acceptable to every body.

Mr Angiki says he will respond later to a strongly worded letter from Mr Quitales over Sunday's incident.

Meanwhile, Mr Quitales claims he was deprived of his freedom to speak to members of his proposed bank over the SIBC and has threatened to sue the radio station.

Earlier he told the gathering, that the Grassroots Network did not want to include men as financial members of the proposed bank.

In answer to a question why men were not invited to join, Mr Quitales said the bank did not trust men to borrow money.

"This is only inclusive for women. If there's any men who is not happy with this arrangement, then I'll just ask you to put up your men's bank. Establish you own bank. nobody will stop you to put up your own men's bank. So why you want to interfere with the women's bank."

Mr Quitales says once the bank is established, it will be managed by men because there are not enough women to run any bank profitably and viably. He says men and women will work in the bank and its security personnel will be all men.

Source: SIBC

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