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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

SI must see both men and women as equal partners in development: Dr Pollard

By Charles Kadamana

Solomon Islands must see both men and women as equal partners towards development activities for the country. This was the statement of Su’u National Secondary School’s forms three and five graduation ceremony guest Dr Alice Pollard.

Dr Pollard said the country needs the participation of every person to transform it to a better place. With regards to women, Dr Pollard said they are as good as just giving birth and doing domestic chores.

She also encouraged people to respect the value of women as she urged school girls to take pride in themselves. “Do not look down on yourselves but look beyond with purpose. It is time we change and transform that mind of gender,” Dr Pollard told the students.

Dr Pollard then emphasised on learning. She said learning is a continuous process and it came through five ways. “Learning comes in five ways - challenge, opportunity, determination, relax and be yourself,” she said. She said students should take up challenges as part of learning and take the opportunity when it comes. She said opportunity usually come and go and “we need to grab it when it comes. And while the opportunity is given we must be determined with our learning,” she told the students.

She added that while we are committed in our learning we also need to relax and have fun. She further noted students must also be themselves and not compare their learning with others. By doing these she believed the students could achieve their learning.

Source: Solomon Star

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