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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Rural people did not feel development programmes

Special Coordinator of the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands James Batley says the impacts of development programmes are not getting down to rural areas.

Mr Batley made this point in the induction course for Members of Parliament this morning following questions by an MP who said that RAMSI doesn't have any presence in the Agriculture sector.

But he says any country needs to have a bureaucracy that works which provides the necessary services to its citizens and that's what RAMSI is trying to do in the machinery of government.

He also says another area they are working on is to enhance the capacity at the Provincial level because RAMSI thinks there's scope to improve the capacity at that level to help get services down to the village level.

Mr Batley says they will need to sit down with the government and talk specifically at what their priorities are and how to respond to the broad outlines in the government policy statement about getting down to the village sector.

He says this is something RAMSI and other donors want to respond positively to.

source: SIBC (


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