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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Exams underway at the University of the South Pacific’s main campus

Students at the University of the South Pacific's main Laucala campus and regional campuses are currently having their semester one examinations, beginning yesterday. The examination is expected to go on for two weeks before the semester break kicks off on June 17 2006.

Latest updates from the main Laucala Campus in Suva has it that all the campus libraries and outdoor study tables are usually taken as early as 8.30am and occupied till dark. Students who come to school around 9am do not find seats easily and have to move from place to place in pursuit of a study table. Other students who leave their study tables for lunch or a short break usually returned to find out that another student has taken over their seats while they were away. The struggle for study space has been attributed to the increasing number of annual intakes at the Laucala Campus with less study facilities and lecture rooms. The problem has been going on from day 1 of the semester where students are seen standing outside lecture rooms during important lectures. Some students interviewed attribute that as a contributing factor to failure of courses at the main USP campus. This is something the regional institute needs to address as soon as possible to maintain its integrity as the sole provider of quality education in the Pacific Islands.

Meanwhile, some of our To'abaita students have already finished either one or two papers yesterday and others would be having their exams today. So far study has been going on smoothly at the main USP campus and the only expected disturbance would be the upcoming FIFA World Cup which wil be televised live in some of the pay TV channels in Fiji. The world cup will start this Saturday just in the middle of exams but our students are well aware of their sponsor requirements and the consequences of failing two or more courses.

On the outset, the To'abaita Authority for Research and Development (TARD) would like to formally convey the group's GOOD LUCK message to all of our Fiji students who will be sitting exams. The GOOD LUCK is also extended to our fellow To'abaita wantoks who are studying in other institutions overseas and at the Solomon Island's USP Campus in Honiara.


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