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Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Since the launching of the TARD Initiative in August 2005, coupled with our coverages of the elections and rioting events in Honiara, we have been receiving regular constructive feebacks from various leaders both in the Solomon Islands and overseas. Their comments and suggestions have encouraged our To'abaita students to be firm and committed to our plans regardless of our busy study schedules. Below is an updated version of comments from respected leaders about the TARD concept including our blog.

There are also two telephone interviews by Dan Harrison (Reporter, The Age, Australia) and Mr Bowers (Reporter, Sydney Morning Herald, Australia) on the riot coverage by TARD that are not quoted below.

"I'm pleased you were able to inform the Solomon students there about the recent situations in Honiara. Keep up your good work and maybe we will have the chance to meet sometime. All the best", LUKE JOHNSTON, Program Manager, Australian Foundation for the Peoples of Asia & the Pacific Ltd (AFAP), Honiara.

"Congratulations on a good website. Keep up the good work. Hem nao", Dr HUGH GOVAN, Manager, Communities and Coasts Programme, Foundation of the Peoples of the South Pacific International (FSPI), Suva, Fiji.

"Congratulations on a very interesting site", JULIAN TREADAWAY, Curriculum Development Centre, Honiara.

"Thank you for the news about your congratulatory message. The initiative to assist in the development of our region was a good idea", DANIEL ENELE KWANAIRARA, current MP for North Malaita Constituency [message forwarded by Joe Inomae].

"Please excuse the delay in replying to your email. My colleague Judi Cooper is the Project Manager of the Pacific Media and Communications Facility-a regional project funded by AusAid. Johnson Honimae is also on the PMCF Advisory Group. Judi is in Fiji, I'd suggest contacting her directly via email. Regards", Dr HELEN MOLNAR, Executive Director, MC Media & Associates Pty Ltd, Australia.

"I'd like to congratulate TARD for the effort is setting up the blog. As UNESCO is constitutionally mandated to protect and enhance the free flow of information and knowledge, blogs represent an excellent opportunity. It would be good to read unique articles written by the young To'abaita scholars who make up TARD. The views of students are missing from the wide selection of Solomon Islands' news available on the web. Please keep up the good work", ABEL CAINE, Advisor for Communication and Information, UNESCO, Apia, Samoa.

"Many thanks for sending your analysis of the coverage which your blog garnered. I enjoyed visiting your website, as your perspective was most useful to us while we attempted to follow what was going on across the country. You should know that I will take your address with me, so that I can follow developments in the Solomons from the other side of the globe. With all best wishes to you, your countrymen, and your country", STEVEN WAGENSEIL, Coordinator, UNEAD Election Observer Coordination Team, Honiara.

"I just happened to pop into this wonderful website and found it was exciting and so professional. Whoever you are working tirelessly to keep a website this big, I salute you", SALOME KWAIGA, Save the Children's Fund, Honiara.

"That's a great idea. Thank you for using PF Net, our goal is to get your voice (rural voice) out. We hope to work together with you in the future", RANDALL BILIKI, PF Net Manager, People First Network, Rural Development Volunteers Association, Honiara.

"Great idea and I fully support the idea that you all my wantoks came up with. I am looking forward to corresponding with you and let me know the latest development. I would like to help in even a small way to launch this idea and help our To'abaita community a better place to be", HUDSON KALAEDA ELEAZER, School Teacher, Japan.

"I write to congratulate you guys for this initiative. I think it is a step in a right direction and I want to encourage all of us from To'abaita to be part of
this network. It is good to see those of you who were given the
opportunity to pursue tertiary studies have a concern for our region. I would also like to encourage whoever is currently working on the planned website, to proceed with it. It would be good to see everyone who calls him or herself a To'abaitan, express their views on the proposed website", OFANI EREMAE, News Editor, Solomon Star Newspaper, Honiara.

"congratulations! congartulations! for taking the initiative to launch the To'abaita think tank task force......i think doing such a thing is just keep it up ..........i think it's time that we do something good for our very own people and province. But i think the think tank is a good start....once again congratulations.
I think you guys are doing something that will be beneficial in the not too distant future", ROSEMARY MAEALATHA, Scholar, Australia.

"It is nice to know students from To'abaita are seriously thinking of the future of their people. This is something that the older generations have not been able to come to grips with, may be until in the past couple of years. I am suggesting that when you all come back for your holidays, meeting can be organised in Honiara for those living and working in the town and one in Malu'u or any location to advance your Think Tank initiative and also the community development plan. Please, post me a brief of your "Think Tank" initiative and any other News that you may want SIBC to put on the radio", JOSEPH INOMAE, Senior Reporter, Solomon Islands Broadcasting Coorperation, Honiara.

"Great initiative...I full heartedly support this move...please try and come with something that we all share and involve the developement of our region..I for one is willing to offer my technical care to help my people", WILSON RAFIAU BILLY, Geologist, Solomon Islands Geology Department, Honiara.

"Thank you for informing me of your initiative. I encourage you to proceed. I will give whatever support I can but because of my involvement into politics, I think that it would be better for me to stay outside, in case people will think that your move is just another political gimmick. Keep me informed in any case. I believe that any Government of the day at both Provincial and National level should be under obligation to support you in this initiative. Let me assure you that I can see a great potential for this in the future. You have nothing to fear. You have to be aggressive about this. If our young men can be aggressive about a certain cause, I see no reason why you, young men and women of To’abaita cannot be equally aggressive about a good cause. Finally, let me say this, if you do not do it, Who else will? This is your generation. My generation has made a mess of it. Do we have to wait for the next generation to do it? The ball is in your court. Rally others to your vision and cause", REV MICHAEL MAELIAU, Former North Malaita MP and Church Leader, Honiara.

"CONGRATULATIONS!! for reaching another milestone in the development of TARD with the recent creation of this new website. Of course, this will go a long way in providing very essential information for wantoks/friends who are keen to know and/or see the development of this great initiative going forward", WALTER WANEOROA, Bank Officer, ANZ Bank Business Center, Honiara.

"This is an excellent step in the right direction for TARD to have a website of itself. Now that we have a place to meet in Honiara, this TARD initiative will move forward. Please note that during the opening of the office, we also signed a MOU with the Israel Government (Amos Nadai). The agreement cover technology transfer and linkages with Israel SME's Authority namely, the Israel Small and Medium Enterpreses Authority (ISMEA). There is huge opportunity for TARD to utilise this new direction", LELIANA DAOWANA FIRISUA, Private Consultant on Small and Medium Enterprises, Honiara.


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