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Monday, May 01, 2006

Care-taker Government confident of winning

The caretaker Deputy Prime Minister and MP for Central Kwara’ae and candidate for Prime Minister, Fred Fono, says their four political groups are confident of forming the next government.

The political groups are the Association of Independent Members Party, the People’s Alliance Party, the Lafari Party and the Independent Group have also agreed that if it forms the new Government, Guadalcanal will be given the Deputy Prime Minister’s post.

Mr Fono has confidence in the MPs from the four political groups because they have leadership qualities and the desire towards rebuilding the nation, adding it is important to have a government that has the vision to ensure this.

He describes the recent events in Honiara as had been promoted by people who want the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands to withdraw from the country.

But Mr Fono says RAMSI must remain to ensure the fragile peace process remains intact and to help with ascertaining law and order.

Mr Fono says he is aware of the general support for the intervention forces because the majority of Solomon Islanders have the desire for long lasting peace in their country.

News source: SIBC Online


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