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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Will our new MPs stand for their voters? A funny political incident

Editor's note: The report below was published in the Solomon Star News today. It is a funny incident of the intense political tussel between aspiring parties that want to form the new government. The question is that whether our new MPs will stand for what their voters want, or are they going to be pulled by the nose from camp to camp, just for the sake of their personal interests. It is something that will come out sooner or later but if the later is true then their seats are not guranteed for the next term.

Two newly elected MPs arrived in Honiara yesterday to find themselves in the tussle between two political camps vying to form the next government. Martin Maga, MP for Temotu Pele and Japhet Waipora, MP for West Makira, didn’t know that political lobbyists were waiting for them.

As soon as they checked out of Henderson Airport’s domestic terminal, they were whisked away to Honiara Hotel in a waiting car. The waiting car was arranged by AIMP president Sir Thomas Chan.

Patteson Oti, a National Party MP who is also a member of a grand coalition lobbying to form the government, didn’t know that AIMP lobbyists were waiting for the two newly elected MPs. When he arrived at the airport, he was told Mr Maga and Mr Waipora were already taken in a car to Honiara Hotel. Mr Oti turned around and went straight to Honiara Hotel. There, he went in and pulled out the two MPs in the presence of AIMP members. Mr Oti then took the two men to Iron Bottom Sound Hotel, where his camp is based. The two men, however, left without their luggage, which were already kept in two separate rooms they were booked to stay in.

At the Iron Bottom Sound Hotel, messengers were sent back to Honiara Hotel to collect the luggage. But hotel owner Sir Thomas refused to release them. He told the messengers that since the two MPs were already booked at the hotel, they must check out and settle their bills before leaving. The messengers returned and sought the assistance of the police. A police officer accompanied them to Honiara Hotel but was given the same answer. On the third occasion, East Honiara MP Charles Dausabea, who was in the grand coalition’s camp, decided to go. Accompanied by a few boys, he took the key rooms with him, drove to Honiara Hotel, went in there and got the luggage from the two rooms. He handed back the keys and went back to Iron Bottom Sound, where he handed the two MPs their luggage.

A spokesman for AIMP said the two MPs were pulled out from Honiara Hotel against their will. But Mr Maga said outside the Iron Bottom Sound Hotel yesterday they taken to Honiara Hotel on their arrival against his will. Mr Maga contested the elections as an independent, while Mr Waipora is a member of the Liberal Party.

[News By: Ofani Eremae (Solomon Star)]


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