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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

A new PM will be elected today

News by Joe Inomae

Hi folks, as I am posting this news our 50 MPs would already be making their way to the National Parliament for the election of the Solomon Islands' Prime Minister over the next four years.

Today is a big day for Solomon Islands. It is the dawn of a new era. In an hours time, the 50 newly elected Parliamentarians will choose a new Prime Minister.

Since Friday last week until yesterday the two groups which nominated their candidates claimed to have the numbers to form the next government. The Association of Independent MPs, AIMP whose candidate is Snyder Rini, MP for Marovo and former deputy prime minister, had claimed to have 28 members. The other coalition which nominated Job Duddley Tausinga, MP for North New Georgia, also claimed that it has the support of 27 members. This of course do not add up to 50.

But as of yesterday evening, reports reaching joeblog from sources close to the camp of Manasseh Sogavare, MP for East Choiseul said he has secured the support of 30 members. According to the sources, this group which has made the Pacific Casino Hotel its base is being supported by some big logging companies. The reports stated that already, some ministers in the former government had approached the PM nominee, Mr Sogavare for ministerial port folios, and that other members who nominated other candidates have been flooding in to the Sogavare group. The reports says even the former Prime Minister Sir Allan Kemakeza has asked Mr Sogavare for Tourism portfolio. Sources also said that President of AIMP Thomas Chan had also approached Mr Sogavare about the possibility for AIMP to merge with Mr Sogavare's group.

Governor General Sir Nathaniel Waena will today preside over the election of the new Prime Minister starting around 930am (SI Time).

The lobbying is in its final minutes. The MPs may have already made up their minds on who to vote for. The winner of course will be announced at the close of election by the 50 MPs. Until then its all quess work, some calculated quess work.

We hope that whoever gets elected today has a heart for Solomon Islands and its people.

God bless Solomon Islands.

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