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Friday, April 14, 2006

It's another milestone for TARD to get advisory feedbacks from UNESCO

Editor's note: Mr Abel Caine who is the Adviser for Communication & Information at the Regional UNESCO Office in Apia, Samoa has extensively reviewed our blog and has forwarded some remarkable feedbacks that we could build upon to improve our webpage to become one of the best and reliable source of information from our rural areas and the Solomon Islands as a whole. The To'abaita Authority for Research and Development would like to thank you, Mr Abel Caine, for your time and great assistance in reviewing our blog. Your encouraging feedback will enable us to be committed to our volunteer goals to rural development and what TARD is planning to achieve.

It is another milestone for TARD to be able to form cohorts with Communications/IT experts, and getting advisory support from one of the highest authorities in the world. Mr Caine's latest recommendations are stated below:

Dear TARD,

"Thank you very much for including UNESCO's comments on your website. I'd like to congratulate TARD for the effort in setting up the blog. As UNESCO is constitutionally mandated to protect and enhance the free flow of word and image (information and knowledge), blogs represent an excellent opportunity.

Prior to becoming aware of the TARD blog, I regularly visited JobBlog,
the Solomon Star, and the Office of the PM & Cabinet websites for news
on SI and especially the elections. You may be aware it was the UNESCO Apia Communication & Information Sector that sponsored the development of the Office of the PM & Cabinet website.

It would be very good to read unique articles written by the young To'abaita scholars who make up TARD. A degree of anonymity and responsibility may be required as we live in an ultra-connected world where freedom of expression is not 100% guaranteed. The views of students are missing from the wide selection of SI news available on the web.

You may want to remove/merge the earlier TARD blog at

Finally, I'd like to commend the builders of the blog for the nifty applets such as the Fiji time clock, weather, chat, and search. You may want to offer RSS which would allow 'subscribers' to be alerted whenever the blog's been updated.

Please keep up the good work.

Abel Caine
Adviser for Communication & Information
UNESCO Apia, Samoa"


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