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Monday, April 03, 2006

Final Hours before the D-Day in Solomon Islands

Edited report from: Joe Inomae
More Updates from the National Election can be viewed from

It is approximately less than 48 hours before the national elections kick off in the Solomon Islands. The big day April 5th is when 50 Parliamentarians will be elected to represent the close to half-a-million people in Solomon Islands. The campaign is now on the home stretch with candidates catching their breath as they focus their eyes on the finish line. All 453 candidates, except one, Job Duddley Tausinga of North Georgia, Western Province who is standing unopposed have not had a good night sleep in the past two months or so. They have been hard at campaigning, criss-crossing the rough seas between the many islands and climbing the rough mountainous terrain and travelling the many miles of road filled with potholes.

Heart beats continue, some faster than others, especially for the 452 out of the 453 candidates contesting the 50 seats in Parliament. Few of them are confident of securing their seats, while the rest are living on the edge, unconvinced about their chances of winning. To them the election is just a game, an expensive game indeed for many. But thats life...the show must go on, come what may. It is a tough call indeed, just to get to the house on the hill. But as Billy Ocean sings "When the going gets tough, the tough gets going". Good luck to them.

Come the result of the election, only 50 out of a total of 453 candidates will be declared winners. Out of the 50 MP, 14 will represent Malaita. We just hope and pray that the leaders elected this year will be people who are committed towards the bottom-up approach in terms of development.

Meanwhile, the Chief Electoral Officer, Musu Kevu, has told joeblog that the concerns raised by Returning officers in Malaita have been taken care of. He says he is confident that the election will go ahead as planned on April 5.

Finally, the first results of the election could come out late Wednesday. The last results would be announced Saturday April 8.


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