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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Election updates as of this morning

Good morning all To'abaita wantoks and other friends. The voting has ended successfully yesterday just before nightfall, but the counting has been postponed until today. Therefore the first results should be declared by the afternoon. It is expected that results for the three seats in Honiara will be known first before the other constituencies.

Latest updates that reached us from our contacts at SIBC confirmed that there was no counting of votes last night. The decision was reached after doubts that there may be a power black-out in Honiara, and that some ballot boxes might not reach the provincial counting stations on time last night.Therefore, the Electoral Office has decided that counting would start today morning, at 8am depending on the arrival of the ballot boxes at their various counting stations . Some of the results will be known by today afternoon. So just hold our breath and wait for whoever will be our new MPs. The other 49 MPs beside our North Malaita MP will be our leaders for the next four years. The members together will decide our well being in the coming years.

Reports reaching SIBC from throughout the country have spoken of a successful election. Some people especially in the Honiara constituencies were disappointed that their names were not on the final voters' lists. The Chief Electoral Officer, Musu Kevu, says this is not a new problem. It had happened in the past. He says this must be addressed to prevent it happening in the future.

In Honiara reports has it that voter turnout was very poor, some suggesting that it may be less than 50 percent. But reports from some provinces have said the voters turnout have been high, more than 80 percent in some places.

Another reliable source from Silolo Email Station informed us this morning that the election in North Malaita constituency was peaceful and successful regardless of the fact that few people were also missing from the voters' list. The presence of RAMSI and police officers at most of the polling centers was attributed to the success. The voter turnout was also estimated to be above 80% and the counting will begin today at Malu'u station. Candidates and their supporters are still camping around the Malu'u areas eagerly waiting for the outcomes which is expected to be announced later today afternoon.

Meanwhile, the Governor General Sir Nathaniel Waena will today declare Job Duddley Tausinga as the member of Parliament for North New Georgia, Western Province. Sir Nathaniel will make the announcement at 8:30am today on the national broadcaster, SIBC.

Mr Tausinga who’s standing unopposed had stood unopposed for most of the five previous national elections. The son of Holy Mama Eto, founder of the Christian Fellowship Church, CFC, a splinter group of the Methodist Church, Tausinga commands total support from members of the church. Mr Tausinga is the longest serving MP. He is the out-going member for North New Georgia in the Western Province. He served a fifth term after his victory in the 2001 December 5th General elections. He has served for 20 years. Mr Tausinga is among the longest serving Parliamentarians.

Till then TARD is committed to keep us updated on the latest, through our networks in Honiara and Silolo.

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