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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Election of the Next PM

Reports from Joe Inomae at

Yes the next big thing is the elections of Solomon Islands new Prime Minister. This is how events will unfold.

Wednesday 12 April
Nomination for the Prime Minister will open 9.00 a.m

Thursday 13 April
Nomination for PM closes 4 pm. The Government House will organised the announcement of candidates for the new PM.

Friday 14 April is Good Friday and a public holiday which and runs into the weekend.

Monday 17 April is Easter Monday and also a public holiday.

The long weekend from Friday to Monday, four solid days, gives ample time for those with money to pull the strings. Some say it had already started with those with the bucks offering lavish opportunities for new MPs to be wined and dined for a prize, to be a member of their political group. This is the time the weak and the faint-heart throw away his integrity out the window. With it goes his peoples' and Solomon Islands sovereignty.

Tuesday 18 April
The process of the election of a new Prime Minister starts at 9:30am with the GG administrating it at the Parliament House. The election is just the formal part of choosing the new PM. MPs will have decided their man over the long weekend. Good or bad, only time will tell. At 2pm the new Prime Minister will made a courtesy call on the Governor General.

Wednesday 19 April
The swearing-in ceremony for the new Prime Minister will take place 10am after which the Governor-General will proclaim the Eighth Session of Parliament.

Thursday 20 April
Parliamentarians will be briefed on the election of Speaker/Deputy Speaker at 9:30am. Nomination will also open for the two positions.

Sunday 23 April
Close of nomination of Speaker and Deputy Speaker at 4pm.

Monday 24 April
The first sitting of the Eighth Session of Parliament starts, with the taking of Oath by MPs at 9am.
The election of Speaker and Deputy Speaker will be at 10am.
The new Speaker will call on the Governor General at Government House at 2pm.
The formal adjournment of Parliament

Tuesday 25 to Friday 29 April
There will be a post Election Induction for all MPS.

The political atmosphere is indeed fluid and would be demanding for the MPs, especially the "new kids on the block". Some will have their first test of how demanding the job can be. By the time they realise, they have been hooked for the rest of their four-year term. Their lives will never be the same again. If they don't deliver during that time, only money can return them in the next house.


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