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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The day has come: Latest updates from North Malaita

Finally, the day we have been waiting for has come and today people all over Solomon Islands have something special to treasure........and that is to elect a new government that will run our beloved country for the next four years. Today, 5th April 2006 is the National Election Day.

Latest reports from our sources in North Malaita has revealed that the polling stations in our constituency have already opened at 7am (Solomon time). The hive of movements and activities in our constituency is just like the Christmas and New Year period where people, campaign managers, and candidates have been going around and asking people to vote them. Movements are done either by boats, trucks, or by foot......since it doesn't matter.....all the candidates want is to get the maximum votes. All the intending candidates have completed their campaigns by yesterday and they seemed happy with what they've achieved. The general environment throughout the whole North Malaita constituency is filled with excitement and great anticipation on who will lead us this term. The topic of discussion among our people, be it men, women, or school children, is the election. There are gossips going around which says that the title rests between Enele Kwanairara and Michael Maeliau, but we cannot predict the outcomes at this stage. Some candidates have even hired trucks to transport their supporters to the polling centers.

Our sources also confirmed that the North Malaita constituency is packed with people who returned from Honiara and other provinces just to cast their votes in our constituency. Some people from the highlands in North Malaita were already camping in coastal villages since monday, not wanting to miss anything. The movement of people to the polls has picked up since 8am and we expect a good voter turn-out at the end of the day. The market hours in places like Matakwalao has been shortened to allow people to go and vote. The results for our constituency might not be released until tomorrow afternoon.

Till then, we hope to update us on the latest once they come into hand.
People rushing to board a ship from Honiara to Malaita to cast their votes in rural areas

Supporters holding slogans of their candidate in a truck in Honiara

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