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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Cultural swings during a field-trip to the interior of Viti Levu, Fiji

Peter and Eddie with gang doing the cultural bakua dance during the field trip

Bula folks, as promised we are posting another report and pictures of a field trip that two of our To'abaita students have participated in during the past weeks. They are Peter Fairamoa and Eddie Konairamo who went on a Geography class trip to a village in the interior of Viti Levu, Fiji. According to our two members, that field trip was aimed at analysing some of the rural initiatives that are implemented by that community in order to sustain them. Some of the initiatives include crop farms, aquaculture farms, and cattle farming. "We went there to study the complete process from its initiation to the implementation of those projects, as well as how they manage them", said Fairamoa.

During the 2 nights in that village, students are allocated to different host families that provide them with accomodation and food. According to our students, they have learnt a lot from that trip and the food was also excellent. It was also a good get-away from the busy Suva life to a place that is quiet and just similar to home. During the final night students were invited into the meeting hall by the chief for a kava session and cultural and contemporary dances which lasted until dawn. The community also slaughtered a cow and prepared it as a good-bye function to the students. At USP, students that take courses such as geography and marine are the ones who are always on the go to various parts of Fiji whilst others who did theory courses are always in the lecture rooms.

Till then, we shall say MOCE ("Mothe") in Fijian Language and hope to post more reports once we receive them from our students.

Peter and another SI student (Sonia) having dinner with their host family

Pictures and report from Peter Fairamoa


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