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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Count Down Continues: Which Symbol will Rule?

As we continue our final countdown towards the important day in our country, it is important to have a last glimpse of our current North Malaita candidates. In about 16 hours from now, our people will be allowed to exercise their rights by expressing their voices through their votes. For the voters, this final hours are filled with great anticipation and excitement on who will be elected to serve our constituency for the next four years from 2006-2010. This is a period that even people with disabilities both young and old are empowered to particpate in this vital decision making process. For the candidates, this final hours maybe filled with high expectations and hope, doubt and uncertainty, or even stress on whether they will win or loose. Whatever the case, we wish both our voters and candidates good luck.

From the 9 candidates with 9 different symbols, only one of them will reign after the polls close tomorrow afternoon. It is difficult to predict but the thing we are sure of is that it could either be the "Pineapple", "Truck", "Frigate bird", "Tree", "House", "Coconut", "Ship", "Bonito fish", or "Lantern lamp" that will rule. WHO KNOWS BUT WE ARE EARNST FOR THE RESULTS.

1. George Walenenea- National Party, Symbol-pineapple.

2. Ronnie Faiga- Independent, Symbol- Truck.

3. Benjamin Ri'iga- Independent, Symbol- Frigate bird.

4. Enele Kwanairara- Lafari Party, Symbol- tree.

5. Starling Daefa- Democratic party, Symbol- house

6. Michael Iro- People Alliance Party, Symbol- coconut tree.

7. Jemuel Liobana- Independent, Symbol-ship

8. Rev Michael Maeliau- Independent, Symbol-bonito fish

9. Steven Ganisua- United Party, Symbol-lamp/lantern


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