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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

All 50 seats have been filled and it's time for Lobbying

After much anticipation on the election results from Solomon Islanders living locally and abroad, all the 50 parliamentary seats have been filled with both outgoing MPs and new MPs. Of that 50 seats, 25 members are outgoing MPs whilst another 25 are new members. The declared winners of the 50 parliamentary seats are summarised below:

1) Mr Duddley Job Tausinga (North New Georgia)-Unopposed MP
2) Mr Seth Gukuna (Rennell/Bellona)-Former MP is Joses Tuhanuku
3) Mr Varien Lonamei (Maringe/Kokota)-Former MP is Clement Rojumana
4) Mr Martin Sopaghe (North Guadalcanal)-Former MP is Fr Edmond Rukale
5) Mr Siriako Usa (NW Guadalcanal)-Retained seat
6) Mr Peter Boyers (NW New Georgia/Vonavona)-Retained seat
7) Mr James Tora (Ulawa/Ugi)-Retained seat
8) Mr Snyder Rini (Marovo)-Retained seat
9) Mr Francis Billy Hilly (Ranonga/Simbo)-Retained seat
10) Mr Trevor Olovae (South Vella)-Retained seat
11) Mr Bartholomeu Ulufa'alu (Aoke/Langalanga)-Retained seat
12) Mr Issac Inoke (West Honiara)-Former MP is Y-Sato
13) Mr Gordon Darcy Lilo (Gizo/Kolombangara)-Retained seat
14) Mr Joses Sanga (East Malaita)-Retained seat
15) Mr Toswell Kaua (Baegu/Asifola)-Former MP is Dr Steve Aumanu
16) Mr Enele Kwanairara (North Malaita)-Retained seat
17) Mr Milner Tozaka (North Vella)-Former MP is Danny Bula
18) Mr Patterson Oti (Temotu Nende)-Retained seat
19) Mr Clement Kengava (NW Choiseul)-Retained seat
20) Mr Benard Giro (Central Makira)-Retained seat
21) Mr Charles Dausabea (East Honiara)-Former MP is Simeon Bouro
22) Mr Nelson Ne'e (Central Honiara)-Former MP is Meschac Maetoloa Maebiru
23) Mr Fred Fono (Central Kwara'ae)-Retained seat
24) Mr Samuel Manetoali (Gao/Bogotu)-Former MP is Basil Manelegua
25) Mr Mark Kemakeza (Ngella)-Former MP is Frank Pule
26) Mr Francis Zama (South New Georgia/Rendova)-Retained seat
27) Mr William Haomae (Small Malaita)-Former MP is Alex Bartlett who did not contest
28) Mr Selwyn Riumana (Hograno/Kia/Havulei)-Former MP is Nelson Kile
29) Dr Derrick Sikua (NE Guadalcanal)-Former MP is Stephen Paeni
30) Mr Edward Hunu'ehu (East Areare)-Retained seat
31) Mr Peter Shanel Agovaka (Central Guadalcanal)-Former MP is Walter Naezon
32) Mr Severino Nuaiasi (West Areare)-Former MP is Alfred Hairiu
33) Mr Augustine Taneko (Shortland Is)-Retained seat
34) Mr Steve Abana (Fataleka)-Former MP is Casper Luiramo
35) Mr Sam Iduri (West Kwara'ae)-Former MP is Benjamin Una who did not contest
36) Mr Stanley Festus Sofu (East Kwaio)-Former MP is Alfred Sasako
37) Mr Bentley Samuel Rogosomani (Lau/Mbaelelea)-Former MP is Paul Maenu'u
38) Mr Peter Tom (West Kwaio)-Former MP is John Garo
39) Mr Manasseh Sogavare (East Choiseul)-Retained seat
40) Rev Leslie Boseto (South Choiseul)-Retained seat
41) Mr Laurie Chan (West Guadalcanal)-Retained seat
42) Mr Martin Magga (Temotu Pele)-Former MP is Michael Maena
43) Mr Clay Forau Soalaoi (Temotu Vatud)-Former MP is Jeffery Teava
44) Mr Johnson Koli (East Guadalcanal)-Retained seat
45) Sir Allan Kemakeza (Russell/Savo)-Retained seat
46) Mr Japhet Waipora (West Makira)-Former MP is Mathias Taro
47) Mr Nollen Leni (East Central Guadalcanal)-Retained seat
48) Mr David Day Pacha (South Guadalcanal)-Former MP is Victor Totu
49) Mr David Sitai (East Makira_-Retained seat
50) Mr Patrick Vahoe Jnr (Malaita Outer Islands)-Former MP is David Holosivi

Victory parade:supporters of Dausabea celebrate on the streets of Honiara

Meanwhile, SIBC reports has it that the former Coalition government of Sir Allan Kemakeza believes it has won enough MPs to form the next government. The coalition was made up of the People's Alliance Party, the Association of Independent members and the Lafari party. A source within the camp says the three groups have won enough members to form a government, but that is if the commitment they made prior to the national elections is maintained. He says the three groups have made the commitment that although they campaigned under separate party names, the under pinning is for them to come together as one group. The source says PAP has retained eight hard core members, whilst the Association of Independent members has claimed it won 18 seats in parliament. Lafari is said to have won three seats and although some of the members claimed by the Association of Independent MPs were also announced as winning PAP members, the source says that is just an internal matter for them to sort out.

The main opposition national party is said to have won four seats, Liberal two, Socred two, the Democrat two and Rural Advancement party three seats. Candidates who contested as independents are said to have won the most seats, and are now believed to be the main attention of those groups lobbying to form the next government.

On the other hand, the new east Honiara MP Charles Dausabea has told Radio Australia that he has secured eight Independent MPs and is looking to form an alliance with others who are willing to join them form the next government. He is also reported as saying that the next Prime Minister should be from the Western Province. Lobbying is expected to continue over the next few weeks before the formation of a government and the swearing in of new MPs.


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